International Summer School on Nuclear Decommissioning and Waste Management.


European Commission (EC), Joint Research Centre (JRC), Institute  for Transuranium Elements (ITU), Nuclear Security Unit. 

Date & Venue

12–16 September 2016, JRC Ispra (Italy), Auditorium Bldg. 58C.

European Commission Joint Research Centre (EC-JRC), International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), University of Milan (UNIMI) and Italian Radioprotection Association (AIRP).

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School Objectives
To strengthen education on planning and operating nuclear decommissioning and waste management.
The objectives of the school are to:
1. Enhance awareness of nuclear decommissioning and waste management.
2. Better understand the roles and responsibilities of the various involved parties such as operators and regulators.
3. Develop an appreciation of related issues such safe operation of a decommissioning process as radiation protection.
4. Highlight the sequence of activities in nuclear decommissioning and waste management.
5. Visit nuclear facilities to give insight to practical decommissioning operations.
6. Promote education in nuclear decommissioning to better face challenges in energy generation.

Target Audience
The school targets university level students and young professionals in nuclear field.


Until 26 August 2016. The number of participants will be 80 on the basis of "first registered - first served". The participants are required to cover their stay in Ispra and there will be no registration fees.
Register in: https://web.jrc.ec.europa.eu/rem/

Nature of the School
The school uses a combination of lectures, school working sessions, practical exercises, case studies and group deliberations as part of the exercises to meet its objectives.

The school duration is five days covering several topic sessions:
> Legal framework, Regulation and Guidelines.
> Material Characterization and Clearance
> Radiation Protection.
> Operational ND&WM experience
> Licensing, Communication and stakeholders engagement in ND&WM
> Education and Training and R&D in ND&WM
> Visits of nuclear facilities under decommissioning

Including sessions of the 1st Workshop on Planning of R&D towards Geological Disposal such as:
> R&D Planning
> Implementing the R&D Programme
> Governance
> Case Studies for R&D Programme


Upon request of participants needed Visa, the JRC will provide invitation letters.

Scientific Committee
Abbas Kamel (EC JRC), Bruno Gérard (IAEA), Burgess Pete (Consultant), Cantone Marie-Claire (Università degli Studi di Milano),
Kockerols Pierre (EC JRC), Janssens Willem (EC JRC), Metcalf Phil (BBM Consulting e.U) and Pedersen Bent (EC JRC).

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